The Hair Stylist Experience

The Mentors

At the young age of 19 years, Lori, by fortune or by fate, found herself employed by two gentlemen who were partners in a business called "The Salon" located in Belleville Ontario. "The Salon" was, and is, an upscale salon known by many as the "Place to Go" to get the "Best Hair". Their high standards reputation is still in tact even to this day. Sal Longo and Rodney Coyne were co-owners of "The Salon" at that time,and it was through their teaching and mentoring that Lori gained her confidence to become the hairstylist and artist that she is today.
Together they taught Lori for over 12 years. Her skills were developed under their guidance. They shared their knowledge of advanced techniques they had aquired through their many years of experience in the field. Lori was encouraged to attend any educational seminars that were available to help her add to her repetoire of skills. Once these skills were well-honed, Lori was then guided through the process of building on her own inherent artistc skills which would lead her to having "Her own style".
Today Lori's work is a culmination of disciplined teaching from these two mentors, along with her own developed artistic flavouring.

Leaving The Salon Nest

No longer a fledgling, and being pregnant with her first child, Lori decided that it was time to "set out on her own". She made that difficult decision, which was accompanied by a lot of trepidation as to whether she could be successful without her mentors.
She decided to open a salon in her home. Her house, at the time, was a very large Victorian style home just a few blocks from downtown Belleville. This was not a typical in-home salon. Lori had designed her new salon and designated a large parlour room just off of the houses main floor entrance."City Salon" was born, and in a very short period of time Lori found herself in a postion where she had to hire a couple of stylists just to keep up with an overflow of business.
A couple of years passed, and Lori was now in a postion to move "City Salon" out of her home and into a commercial building. This move enabled her to sustain the growing number of clients, and she was now able to add esthetics and spa services with her new location.